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Whether commonwealth nationís conference, will be held in Sri lanka?

To refrain from holding the commonwealth nations conference in Sri Lanka, arrangements are underway to hold the commonwealth nations conference has already been notified to the Commonwealth Secretariat located in Mauritius.


Concerning Sri Lanka, a complaint was made by Canadian government, whether to hold the commonwealth nations conference in Colombo or not, and the Commonwealth Ministerial action group has decided to hold an emergency meeting to take a ultimate decision.


The Commonwealth nation’s conference was scheduled to be held this year November from 15th to 17th in Colombo was previously decided, and in this atmosphere, due to the sudden action of Canada, the CMAG panel has decided to hold a meeting in London, to take a final decision.


Canada has submitted a strong complaint concerning Sri Lanka to the CMAG panel, and has pointed out that an unconstitutional situation is prevailing in Sri Lanka; hence it has requested to hold the conference in another membership country.


If this conference is held in Sri Lanka, there is hazard prevailing of many of the world country leaders may reject the conference was pointed out by Canada.


In this backdrop, the commonwealth ministry level activity panel which will be met in London will probe in connection with Sri Lanka,  will take some time for which an atmosphere will occur. If it occurs, during the period investigations are processed, an atmosphere will originate for Sri Lanka to lose temporarily the eligibility to vote at the Commonwealth nation’s conference.


In view of these conditions, according to reliable circles there is lesser possibilities for Commonwealth Secretary General Kamalesh Sharma to take decision to refrain from holding the conference in Sri Lanka.


However, Secretary Kamalesh Sharma who will be on a visit to Sri Lanka next month, and by observing the situation in Sri Lanka will hold discussions and will come to a final decision is much expected.


If commonwealth nations conference is not held in Sri Lanka, preparations are done to hold, is notified already to the Mauritius Commonwealth Secretariat.


Canada, Australia, Bangladesh, Jamaica, Ciyaraliyon, Tanzania, Trinidad and Tupakko, Vanuatu and Maldives are membership countries of the CMAG panel.


The above Ministry level activity panel has the authority to remove the membership countries acting contrary to the rules and regulations adopted by the Commonwealth of Nations.


CMAG panel was originated in year 1995 at the Commonwealth nations conference held at Oakland in New Zealand

Thursday , 24 January 2013
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