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Tamils struggle getting multiplied. Sambanthan express at Batticaloa.

Tamils struggle for rights has not got subsided.  Without shedding blood, by avoiding the violence path is advancing towards another strategy.


To say it clearly, our struggles compared to past, has now got expanded, was mentioned by Tamil National Alliance Leader R.Sambanthan.


The centenary celebration of Tamil Arasu party’s former leader and Parliament member C.M.Rasamanickam was held yesterday at Batticaloa  Kaluwanchikudy and Sambanthan while addressing at the ceremony made these statements.


He said, late Rasamanickam not only adored the Tamil people but be loved the Muslim people too. He observed the racial crisis as a general problem to both Tamil and Muslim communities.


He desired that Tamils and Muslims should join and voice for their rights. Despite Sinhala and Tamil languages are currently declared as state languages in Sri Lanka, Tamil language is continuously overlooked in practice. This issue is seriously observed by the international sector.


Military presence in the north and east should be reduced. Tamil political prisoners should be released. Tamils motherlands should be handed over to the respective holders. Recommendations made by the Reconciliation Commission should be implemented were many conditions imposed to Sri Lanka by the international sector in the Geneva resolution. However, government did not implement the resolution.


In the next coming weeks, international representatives will visit Sri Lanka, and they will directly observe government’s activities. Later this would be debated at the UN Council's human rights assembly sessions held in March month.  We believe at that time the Tamils will get a positive response.


Government in many ways attempted to link the Alliance to the Parliamentary Select Committee. It tried to drag us to the Select Committee by using the pressure of India and America. But those attempts were not successful.


In this state, shortly, the Alliance would take a crucial decision considering the Tamils future. We trust the international sector will support us towards this, was mentioned by him.


Monday , 21 January 2013
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